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Trump suffers setback in expected regional elections. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

In a very divided country, these elections were highly anticipated and seen as a revealing test on the popularity of Trump, the fourth president of American history to be threatened by a process of impeachment for a case of pressure on Ukraine.

Ironing on the media frenzy, the president had called on Monday night November 4 to his constituents to go to the polls in Kentucky with words that could be premonitory: “If we lose, that would send a very bad message (…) They cannot leave may that happen to me, ”he said to 20,000 followers in that conservative state.


A day later, it is the Democratic candidate who starts the victory for the outgoing Republican governor.

The difference in votes is very narrow and Republican Matt Bevin has not admitted defeat in the middle of the night, despite statements by local electoral authorities.

The victory of Democrat Andy Beshear in that state where Trump took a 30-point lead to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in 2016 sends a strong message.

The president reacted on Twitter and said that Bevin "won at least 15 points in recent days." "But it may not be enough (and fake media will blame Trump)," he wrote.

Fantastic being in the Great State of Kentucky last night. Vote for Matt Bevin NOW! @MattBevin One of Best Governors in U.S. He will never let you down!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 5, 2019

The Democrat was driven by a strong mobilization in the most affluent areas of big cities, a dynamic that can be key for the presidential elections in November 2020 as well.

"Make Trump tremble"

In parallel, the Democrats regained control – for the first time in about 25 years – of the two chambers of the Virginia Assembly, according to media projections.

Having already the position of governor, the Democrats are thus made of all the main levels of power in that state after a campaign marked by the debate on firearms.

"This historic victory must shake Donald Trump and all Republicans," said Democratic Party President Tom Perez.

"As we won tonight, we will beat Trump in a year," he added in a statement.

Key dates of the 2020 US presidential election. (Free Press Infographic: AFP)

In Mississippi, Republican candidate Tate Reeves seemed instead well positioned to stay with the governor before the centrist Democrat Jim Hood, anti abortion and firearms.

Trump thus maintains the support of this conservative state that he won with an advantage of 18 points in 2016.

But the dynamics were different in Virginia, a neighboring state of Washington and that Trump lost by five points in the presidential elections.

The balance is then perceived as disturbing to the president.

“I hope that everyone” in Virginia votes “to send a message to Washington,” Trump had tweeted earlier by placing that election as a symbol of defending the right to bear arms, reducing taxes and fighting illegal immigration

I hope everyone in the Great State of Virginia will get out and VOTE on Tuesday in all of the local and state elections to send a signal to D.C. that you want lower taxes, a strong Military, Border & 2nd Amendment, great healthcare, and must take care of our Vets. VOTE REPUBLICAN

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 3, 2019

Trump however did not campaign in Virginia, as in Mississippi and Kentucky, where he sought to strengthen his enthusiastic electoral base by calling to "send a message to the radical Democrats" and claiming that the legislative investigation with a view to a political trial against him He had "angered" the majority.

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