Donald Trump Suggested To Tim Cook That The IPhone Button Was Better Than The Full Screen

The president of the United States, Donald Trump returned to generate controversy, now with a tweet addressed to Tim Cook, director of Apple, in which he mentions that the iPhone button was much better than the finger slip that cell devices currently have .

The US president is a regular Twitter user where he has caused controversies, and now writing to the CEO of one of the most important American companies in the world generated a stir among his followers.

The responses after the message on his Twitter account generated divided opinions, there were followers who supported him and asked that the button be returned on the iPhone, while others accused him of not wanting the technology to evolve.


Even images emerged that put Trump as a technology ignorant. Others indicated that they should be working better instead of writing meaningless tweets.

For their part, those who defended the president, indicated that the iPhone button was a feature of Apple's cell phones, also noted that it was more user friendly.

It is not the first time that Trump stars in a curious episode with Apple and Cook, since last March he referred to the director of the technology company as "Tim Apple."

Later he assured that he did it intentionally to save time. "At the recent roundtable of business executives, and long after the formal presentation of Tim Cook from Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim / Apple, as an easy way to save time and words," he explained.

The iPhone X was the Apple device that marked the disappearance of the physical button on cell phones and was launched in September 2018, while the 11 model was launched a month ago and continues with the tendency to use only the screen.

Donald Trump has turned his account as his main ally to govern. George Lakoff, a professor at the University of Berkeley in California has said that there is a strategy of when and what the president tweets.

According to the study, the president of the United States handles four different types of tweets: establishing preventive frameworks, that is, anticipating the positions of others. The deviation of attention seeking to expand smoke screens. Change the direction of the information, attack the messenger and position itself as the only reliable source of information and test public opinion about a topic.

"Trump is using Twitter a bit like campaigning, working with impact, in advance, government communication is usually more reactive, slower, more thoughtful," said Imma Aguilar, a political communication consultant.

“We cannot know exactly if there is a strategy. The unpredictable nature of Trump and his inability to be established, under a pattern, makes it difficult to know if there is a programmed strategy, ”said Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí, communication advisor.

"Trump has failed to differentiate between his personal profile and his position," Gutierrez-Rubí added.

Trump also uses Twitter to jump to the press as a traditional monitoring of political activity. "It is shielded in the idea of ​​Twitter's transparency to break the classic policy control scheme through the media," Aguilar said. And not only for that, but also "to circumvent them and establish a very powerful emotional bond with their supporters."



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