Donald Trump Supporters Protest Virus Isolation Measures

Protests by President Donald Trump’s supporters against restrictions on daily life and other efforts to stop the spread of the pandemic multiplied.

Vaccination advocates, advocates of gun rights, and other supporters of right-wing causes are united to stand up to state governors and legislatures in Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia and elsewhere.

As their frustration with life in quarantine increases, they begin to openly violate the rules of social estrangement and try to push for their mitigation.


While many Americans are terrified, Melissa Ackison says that the coronavirus pandemic has angered her. Quarantine orders are government abuses, according to the right-wing candidate for the Ohio Senate. It maintains that the qualification of certain works as “essential” is arbitrary.

“It provokes fury within you,” said Ackison, who was among the protesters outside the Columbus governorate, along with his 10-year-old son, during a protest against Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s orders. He said he is “absolutely not afraid at all” of catching the virus.

Some protests have been small, promoted by Facebook groups in recent times and whose organizers are not easily identified. Others are backed by groups funded by well-known Republican donors, some linked to Trump. The largest to date, a demonstration of thousands that closed the streets of Lansing, Michigan on Wednesday, looked a lot like the president’s actions, with Trump posters and caps bearing the acronym MAGA, from “Make America Great Again” a slogan from the Trump campaign that means “Let’s make America great again” or “Let’s return greatness to America”.

The president promoted the mitigation of orders to stay home and visualize the revival of the economy. On Thursday, he released a roadmap for governors, although he acknowledged that they have the last word in their states. Health experts warn that early mitigation would cause a resurgence of the virus.

But the president and some of his supporters are impatient. Thousands of people in their cars crowded the streets of Lansing in protest against the quarantine imposed by Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and some chanted “to lock her up”, as Trump supporters did in the 2016 electoral acts in reference to his rival Hillary Clinton.



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