Donald Trump Tests Negative For Coronavirus Test

Washington – United States President Donald Trump tested negative for the new coronavirus, his personal doctor reported Saturday.

The White House released the results on Saturday night. Hours earlier, Trump had told the press that he had been tested for the coronavirus and awaited the results as the White House took greater precautions, given his repeated direct and indirect contacts with COVID-19.

Trump told reporters at a White House conference that his temperature had been taken and it was “totally normal” before entering the room to speak about his government’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus. The pandemic has infected more than 2,200 people and caused fifty deaths in the United States.


Trump had refused to be tested for days for fear he would take it as a sign of weakness despite having had contact with at least three people who have since tested positive for COVID-19. Trump had said Friday that he “probably” would have an examination “soon,” but the White House doctor said in a memo released shortly before midnight that he was not examined because, despite his contacts, he did not exhibit a cough, fever or other symptoms.

The president said that they had done it anyway after repeated questions from journalists on Friday and that he would have the results “in a day or two days or whatever.” At the same conference, Vice President Mike Pence argued that he and his wife, Karen Pence “would be happy to do so” and would speak to White House medical personnel.

Many legislators and countless people across the country who have had similar contacts have not only tried to undergo screening but have voluntarily quarantined as a precaution to prevent the possibility of contagion to others.

According to two people closely related to the White House, Trump was reluctant to be examined for fear it was a sign of weakness or concern. He wanted to project an image of full control during the crisis and had expressed fear that such personal measures would undermine that image. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity.

But as Trump’s contacts and various advisers with potential carriers have multiplied, the White House has begun to take precautions. On Saturday, he announced that the temperature will be taken for anyone who comes in contact with Trump or Pence, including journalists who attended Saturday’s conference and anyone who has access to the Oval Office.

Additional precautions are provided over the weekend.



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