Donald Trump: The Countdown To Impeachment Begins

Two days before the vote that can confirm Donald Trump as the third president in United States History to submit to political trial – they accuse him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress -, US Democrats promise to fight for witnesses and a due process in the political trial against Trump in the Senate, a Republican majority.

Senate Democratic bench leader Chuck Schumer said he expects the political trial to begin on January 6 and that "justice, but quick justice" be done in the process with Trump, after Republican senators admitted to them It is more important to protect the president than to be impartial judges.

The Committee on Judicial Affairs of the House of Representatives, which approved the charges against the president, released a 658-page report with the legal arguments of the process and the details of the accusations against Trump, including stressing pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democratic rivals.


Democrats take a new step towards opening a political trial to Donald Trump

Published by the commission's president, Jerry Nadler, the document speaks of the president's "criminal" behaviors, including bribery, which refutes the Republicans' claim that no specific criminal activity has been identified by Trump. "President Trump's abuse of power encompassed both the constitutional crime of 'bribery' and multiple federal crimes," says the report, and says that Trump's behavior was "like no one this nation has ever seen."

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The document was sent to the House Rules Commission, which will meet tomorrow to determine the parameters of the debate and the vote on Wednesday in the plenary hall. The rules for political trial are approved by simple majority in the Senate.

It is taken for granted that Trump will be found guilty in the House of Representatives, where Democrats are the majority. However, he is expected to be acquitted in the Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans and where a special two-thirds majority is needed for the removal of a president or any other official capable of political trial.

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But Schumer told CNN today that he will demand due process, and that he wrote a letter to the Senate Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell, to demand the testimony of four key witnesses, including cabinet chief Mick Mulvaney, a White House official and former Trump national security adviser, John Bolton.

Schumer said he also asked in the letter to set limits on the duration of the witness's interrogation, and that the general structure of the process give the Americans what he described as "trust in the process." "Only the facts. We do not need to search for incriminating information without a fool or are. We will try to have the kind of justice by which the United States is known, which is justice, but quick justice," he said.

Trump's impeachment is based on two accusations: on the one hand, abuse of power refers to the accusation that Trump conditioned military assistance and a summit with the President of Ukraine in exchange for him announcing investigations against former Vice President Joe Biden, potential electoral rival of the president in 2020; The other charge is about obstruction of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation and ordering officials not to appear to testify before the investigative commissions, something that according to the Democrats is unprecedented in the country's history.



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