Donald Trump: The Former President Of The United States Breaks The Silence In Favor Of The Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine; This Says

The former president of the United States (EU), Donald Trump, broke the silence on Wednesday and reiterated his position on the anti-COVID-19 vaccine: he said that he supports them as long as they are not mandatory, during an interview with the national public radio that abruptly interrupted after claiming again, without evidence, that the last elections were “rigged”.

“I recommend giving the vaccines, but I think it should be an individual choice,” Donald Trump, who until now used to opt for the Fox News network, the conservatives’ favorite channel, told national radio NPR to express himself.

Trump, who continues to have great influence among Republican politicians, opposes mandatory vaccination, as defended by the government of his Democratic successor Joe Biden.


“The (vaccine) obligations are really hurting our country and doing a lot of damage to our economy,” he said by phone.

To a question about the 2020 elections, which he lost to Biden, Donald Trump repeated, without evidence, that they were “rigged elections.”

When the journalist, unlike the conservative media, told him that according to the evidence there was no electoral fraud and the elections were certified by his own Republican allies, the former president maintained his accusations.

The vote count in Arizona was fair, NPR reporter Steve Inskeep reminded him. “The number of ballots means nothing! (The question) is who signed the ballots, where did the ballots come from,” replied the millionaire.

So why did the Republicans certify the results? “Because they’re RINOs,” he replied, using the acronym for “Republican In Name Only,” thereby disparaging members of his party who don’t support him.

For Donald Trump it is “an advantage” to continue talking about the 2020 elections, so that voters remain concerned about possible fraud in the mid-term elections that will be held next fall, and in those of 2024.

“The only way it doesn’t happen again is to solve this 2020 rigged presidential election problem,” he insisted.

Pressed by the journalist, Trump continued with his criticism, and then ended the interview with: “Thank you very much Steve, thank you”, and hung up the phone.

Last Thursday, in a speech to commemorate the first anniversary of the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, Joe Biden lashed out at “the losing former president,” who “tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.”



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