Donald Trump, The Taking Of The Capitol And The German Ultras

I didn’t believe it when I read it. It looked like another fake news. The headline of the news story read: “Two Hundred German Ultras Try to Seize the Reichstag.” Somehow he remembered what had happened in the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. It was almost a carbon copy. But it was an episode that had occurred several weeks before, on August 29, 2020, without the analysts having detected it.

The Reichstag, as is known, is the Parliament of Germany. It was burned in February 1933, just a month after Hitler’s election as chancellor. To be chancellor in that country is to be the head of the government. The Nazis rubbed their hands. Hitler used fire to invoke the Enabling Law and call new elections to increase his percentage of deputies.

A Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, 24, a bricklayer, half blind, who was arrested that night, confessed to his crime after a cruel torture session. Supposedly, he had done it alone, without accomplices, to “protest the situation of the German working class.”


He was shot a few months after being found guilty. However, in 2008 the German Justice reviewed the trial and he was posthumously acquitted. The episode of the horrible torture was enough to exonerate him.

I looked for the press of August 29, 2020 … There was the event, but it went completely unnoticed

I looked for the press of August 29, 2020. All the press. The one on the left, the one in the center and the one on the right so they wouldn’t give me a hoot. Indeed, there was the event, but it went completely unnoticed. It began with a demonstration of some 30,000 people outraged against the precautionary measures dictated by Angela Merkel’s government: mandatory masks, the well-known “social distance” and closed schools. Nationalism was also expressed by giving a testicle do.

A witty man carried a sign that read (poorly translated): «Merkel, despite being the daughter of a pastor, is anti-Christian. It has banned the Easter parade. Pontius Pilate will only be allowed because he washes his hands incessantly ».

Some carried Nazi symbols and flags of the former Third Reich, banned in Germany as unconstitutional. The scandalized Interior Minister told Sunday Bild: “The Reichstag building is the symbolic center of our democracy. It is intolerable that chaotic extremists use it for their ends.

Fortunately for law enforcement, the mutineers were summoned by social media flames to commit their misdeeds. That in Germany is suicidal.

The government has several units that constantly monitor the network. They have even developed special programs, which gave the police the opportunity to wait for the demonstration with 3,000 officers cordoning off the building. But still, the ultras found an unprotected space to climb the steps in order to pose for photos and videos.

They couldn’t get into the building, but it would be very interesting to ask Jake Angelli, the shaman of QAnon, the man dressed as a Sioux warrior with buffalo horns and a painted face who paced the Capitol on January 6, how much he owes him, the German-Turkish Attila Hildmann, another nutty who mixes conspiracy theories in which Bill Gates appears with the most rabid anti-Judaism. Hildmann, of course, was arrested in the Reichstag episode.

I suspect that the FBI authorities are inclined to think that someone knew the weight of the example of the taking of the Reichstag a few weeks before the events of January 6

I suspect that the FBI authorities are inclined to think that someone knew the weight of the example of the taking of the Reichstag a few weeks before the events of January 6, 2021. Did Donald Trump himself know? Did Ted Cruz know about it, who at the head or with 11 senators thought that the hubbub formed by the congressional assailants would be able to paralyze the counting of electoral votes and keep Trump in the Presidency?

Patiently, the FBI is collecting evidence while it imputes to presumed culprits. They already go for 300. For the thread the ball is taken out. For now the hero is Vice President Mike Pence, who strictly complied with the law, despite pressure from Trump. We will see where the investigations stop.

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