Donald Trump To Attend Republican Party Convention In North Carolina

Former President Donald Trump will deliver a speech at the Republican Party’s annual state convention in North Carolina next month, party officials announced Monday.

The former president will speak in person at the convention dinner on June 5 in Greenville. Trump was the candidate with the most votes in North Carolina in the 2020 presidential election and held numerous events in the state near the end of his campaign.

The media will not have access to Trump’s speech and journalists will not be able to follow him through a live online broadcast or other alternate ways, said Livy Polen, a spokeswoman for the Republican Party in North Carolina.


Trump has kept a relatively low public profile since leaving the presidency. His last relevant public speech was in February at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The former president remains banned from Twitter and Facebook, and his public comments have mostly come in the form of written statements and statements to right-wing news outlets.

His daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has yet to publicly rule out her bid for a 2022 federal Senate seat in North Carolina and has expressed interest in the race. Trump has not endorsed any of the three Republicans already seeking the candidacy for the seat left by Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Trump has also expressed interest in seeking the presidency again in 2024, although he has not yet announced his decision. The state branch of the Republican Party hopes Trump can help the party regain control of the federal House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections.

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley, a staunch Trump ally who was also one of the former president’s 13 voters in North Carolina in 2020, wants Trump to play an active role in his state’s politics.



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