Donald Trump To Leave Washington Hours Before Joe Biden Takes Office

Donald Trump waving from the presidential plane (REUTERS / Carlos Barría / File)

The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, plans to leave the city of Washington DC on the morning of Wednesday, January 20, hours before Joe Biden, his successor, is sworn in, as reported by Washington on Friday. Post.

Trump, who denies the results of the November 3, 2020 elections and has accused fraud on numerous occasions and without evidence, had already announced his intentions not to participate in Biden’s inauguration ceremony, thus breaking a long tradition of American democracy.


In recent weeks the image of the president has been hit hard, especially after his followers, motivated by a harangue by Trump, violently stormed the Capitol during the special session on January 6 to certify Biden’s victory, leaving five dead, dozens injured and numerous arrests.

United States President-elect Joe Biden (Alex Wong / Getty)

Images of protesters entering the compound and committing acts of vandalism went around the world, and on Wednesday the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, voted in favor of initiating an impeachment against the president.

The impeachment process, the second to which he is subjected during his administration, must now be initiated by the Senate, with a Republican majority, and there is no possibility that Trump will be removed before Biden takes office in five days. However, Democrats hope they can still move forward with impeachment, which will disqualify the Republican mogul from future public office if found guilty of inciting the insurrection.

In this context, the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, among others, blocked Trump’s accounts in a controversial measure aimed at curbing his alleged incitements to violence. Especially the blocking of the Twitter account, which the president has used without pause during the four years of his government to communicate positions, attack rivals and even make important public policy announcements, has restricted his scope of action.

Members of the United States National Guard guard the Capitol to prevent a repeat of scenes like those of January 6 (REUTERS / Joshua Roberts)

Precisely, in one of his last tweets sent, before the account was blocked, Trump announced that he would not go to the inauguration of Biden, a decision that was seen as destabilizing in the context of the recent assaults on the Capitol, since it showed the insistence of the Republican in ignoring the victory of his rival in the elections, which has generated deep divisions in the country and damage to the credibility of the American democratic system.

According to the final results of the November 3 elections, which were known after a long count that lasted for several days due to the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Democrat Joe Biden obtained 51.3% of the votes (81,268,757) while Trump achieved 46.9% (74,216,722), a difference of just over 7 million votes. In the electoral college this led to 306 votes for Biden and 232 for Trump.

Since the same night of November 3, when only partial and limited results were known, Trump has been accusing of having been the victim of fraud against him, especially in the vote in the most contested states. But neither the president nor his followers managed to gather any evidence to substantiate these accusations, and the numerous lawsuits brought to justice were rejected for lack of merit.

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