Donald Trump Travels To The US-Mexico Border; Will Continue To Attack Biden Policies

Trump will make the trip with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Photo: Reuters

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, will visit the border with Mexico on Wednesday, in an attempt to recapture the center of attention, taking advantage of the criticism of the Republicans against the government of Joe Biden for the increase in the detention of immigrants that they try to enter the country.

The trip with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to an unfinished section of the border wall near Weslaco, in the far south of Texas, is the second public appearance this week by Trump, who was defeated by Biden, a Democrat, in the November elections.


Trump mocked Biden at a rally in Ohio on Saturday, his first such event since leaving the White House. He accused him of having “dismantled the US border defenses and incited an avalanche of illegal immigrants the likes of which this country has never seen.”

Biden has reversed many of Trump’s restrictive policies

Since taking office five months ago, Biden has reversed many of Trump’s restrictive policies and promised a more humane system.

Among what stands out, it stopped the construction of Trump’s emblematic wall and closed a program that forced tens of thousands of migrants to wait in Mexico pending the resolution of their asylum cases in the United States.

Under Biden, arrests on the southwest border have risen to the highest monthly levels in two decades, an increase Republicans attribute to more welcoming policies.

47% of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Immigration Leadership

Although Republicans have pointed to immigration as a focal point of their campaign to retake control of Congress next year, a Reuters / Ipsos poll of 4,420 adults suggests their attacks are having little effect.

10% of adults ranked immigration as the nation’s top priority in a June 11-17 survey, 5 points less than a similar query in April. Among Republicans, 19% cited immigration as one of their top priorities, 10 points less than in April.

Americans’ approval of Biden’s handling of border issues has not changed in recent months, with a:

47% saying they disapprove of his leadership on immigration 40% said they support him

Biden officials say poverty, crime, corruption and the effects of climate change have driven migrants north from parts of Central America and defend the government’s approach to the border.

More than 270,000 migrants have been found in the Rio Grande Valley sector by the United States Border Patrol this year, making it the busiest stretch of the southwestern border.



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