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From bad to worse. Trump doesn't take anyone seriously anymore. Not even his threats. Even his legend is fading away. In London he has had to bite his tongue to avoid harming Boris Johnson: any of his occurrences in favor of Brexit could damage the election campaign of the Conservative Prime Minister, eight days after the appointment with the polls. He has also had to endure the murmurs of mockery in a group of young colleagues – Macron, Rutte, Johnson and Trudeau – captured by a camera in Buckingham Palace. And the disdain of Princess Anne of England, who declined to greet him.

NATO's 70th birthday party, imagined by Theresa May, was whole for Trump. Precisely to flatter him as the leader of the West, exhibit the increase in spending in defense of the partners and avoid the usual displacements and incidents in the US president. The political summit, only at the ministerial level, where decisions were made, was held in April in Washington, where it corresponded, just on the anniversary of the signing of such a momentous treaty. There was a permanent Atlantic fear and it was that Trump suddenly announced the withdrawal of the United States, as he has already threatened on several occasions, by declaring the Alliance obsolete or doubting article 5 on the guarantee of mutual defense.


Hence the option for the empty pomp of a summit of presidents with gala dinner at the palace. Preceded by Macron's explosive statements about NATO's brain death, Trump's devalued words have now gone in the opposite direction, in close defense of the Alliance. So much, because their decisions continue in the same direction, contrary to the multilateral spirit of the Atlantic pact. And because they are now more devalued thanks to the acceleration of the impeachment or impeachment process for abuse of power and impediment to parliamentary investigation in a case that affects precisely neighboring Ukraine, a country at war with Russia and crucial for the European Union.

Trump left Ukrainian President Zelenski at the foot of the horses in his territorial struggle with Moscow, because of his opportunistic electoral interests, as he has left Kurdish allies, combatants against the Islamic State, and partners at the foot of the horses. Atlantic supporters, just to give satisfaction to Turkish President Erdogan. The Atlantic Alliance has many problems, especially the renewal of its strategy. But the underlying problem is not the Alliance, but who runs it because he is the president of the United States and commander in chief of his armies. Macron hit the mark even when choosing the most accurate words for diagnosis: NATO is in a state of brain death because whoever founded it, conducted and even financed since its creation 70 years ago counts as president with someone who does not even know Even what is in your hands. "Let's be serious," said Macron in London who has already become the laughing stock boss.

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