Donald Trump Tweeted a Controversial Map To Discourage The Political Trial Against Him

The US president posted on Tuesday a map of his victory in the 2016 elections, which shows that a large number of the country's territory voted for the then Republican Party candidate, stating that Trump won with the support of the vast majority. On the image says the phrase "Try to impeach this" ("Try to dismiss this"), challenging his opponents in congress to face those who voted for him in his election.


Twitter users, however, quickly pointed out that the map is not a good representation of the choice. Many reminded the president that he lost the election by more than two million votes but, within the electoral logic of the US system, only the votes of the Electoral Colleges that represent each state are counted, not the total votes. This is why the Republican ended up in the White House.

The impeachment process has become a harsh truth for the former real estate entrepreneur who controlled much of his world. before the presidency put him face to face with equivalent branches of government. Trump's reaction has been to question his critics, blocking requests for information and exercising his right to veto against the machinery of the government he calls "Deep state"

To defend, Trump He turned to Twitter and expressed in the social network his disdain for the process promoted by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.

"The Congratulatory phone call with the President of Ukraine was PERFECT

, unless you've heard the fraudulently invented version of Liddle's call (little one), Adam Schiff. This is just another Fake News Media, along with its partner, the Democratic Party, FARSA! ”He said through his Twitter account. The president once again lashed out at Adam Schiff, the president of the Intelligence Commission of the House of Representatives and one of his oldest opponents.

The president accused the representative of California of lying during his recapitulation of the transcription of a telephone call on July 25 in which the president pressured his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate the Democratic candidate for presidency Joe Biden and his son. "I want you to question Schiff at the highest level for fraud and betrayal”The president urged on his Twitter account. And he added later:Arrest for treason?"

The intensity of the president's tweets has been increasing along with a notable change in the public's feeling regarding the process of political judgment. Trump's public protests do not seem to be working: the polls conducted since the call was made with the Ukrainian president show a division over whether the president should face a political trial and be dismissed, but support for this process has increased considerably since the House of Representatives opened the investigation September 24th.



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