Donald Trump: “two Very Painful Weeks Are Coming”

The severity of the Covid-19 pandemic that paralyzes the planet made US President Donald Trump aware that in principle he underestimated the issue and today confirms the extension in 30 days of the recommendations for social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. “Hard times are coming. Two very painful weeks are coming,” warned the US president.

“I want all Americans to be prepared for the tough days ahead. Two very, very painful weeks are coming, “said Trump. “Two or three weeks like we’ve never seen before,” he insisted. Even if the efforts to mitigate the pandemic scheduled for the next 30 days work, between 100,000 and 240,000 people could be killed by Covid-19, according to projections presented by the White House group of experts.

The contagion curve in the USA it advanced faster than in China, Italy or Spain.


“Our strength is going to be tested. Also our ability to resist (…) It is a matter of life or death, really, ”said the president in a total change of tone to that of the previous weeks where he even opposed putting his country in quarantine.

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Deaths from coronavirus continue to rise in Spain, where today 864 new deaths were registered, a new daily maximum that brings the total number of fatalities to 9,053, while infections increased by 7,719 people.

Yesterday, the country recorded more than 785 deaths in 24 hours, the highest number to date, bringing the deaths to a total of 3,810. The number of confirmed infections has gone from a few hundred a month ago to more than 186,000 yesterday.

The contagion curve in the United States advanced faster than in China, Italy or Spain, but the country is at least a couple of weeks behind Europe. Most of the cases are concentrated in the states of New York and New Jersey.

The goal now is to avoid New York’s spread of contagion in other major metropolitan areas of the country, so that hospital services are not overwhelmed.

During the two-hour press conference, Trump again mentioned the deep impression made by the images of the last days of the Elmhurst hospital in Queens, the neighborhood of New York where he grew up, the one with the highest mortality from coronavirus in the country. “This is not a flu, it is something much more cruel,” he remarked days after saying that the economy was more important than the virus.



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