Donald Trump Undertakes It (again) Against Windmills | Society

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday during a rally in Pennsylvania. On video, Trump's statements. TRACE VAN AUKEN / ATLAS

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, mocked Tuesday of clean energy and global warming at a rally in Pennsylvania. Trump joked that the country would be covered in windmills if Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had won in the 2016 elections. “You would have windmills everywhere if you had won Hillary (Clinton), with birds shot down everywhere. Those mills make that noise, wa, wa, wa, ”said the president. “Honey, I want to watch TV and the damn wind doesn't blow! What I do? I think that because of global warming … There is no wind, there is no life, the oceans will grow 187 inches (4.7 meters) in the next 250 years. He is going to annihilate us, ”he continued mockingly.

It is not the first time the billionaire undertakes it against windmills, like Don Quijote. At another rally in August he also faced his private sustainable giants. “If a mill is less than two miles (three kilometers) from your house, your house is worth nothing. They make noise, they are intermittent, they kill the birds, they break all the time, you have to replace them every ten years because they wear out … They cost a fortune and need subsidies. Apart from that, they are quite good, ”he explained to the laughter of those attending the rally held in Cincinnati (Ohio). "We will continue with the great energy that fuels our businesses and creates so many jobs," he added, referring to fossil fuel. He also criticized solar energy: "Peanuts compared to what you need."


Also in August, the president addressed his followers near a petrochemical complex in Pennsylvania, and returned to the mills, even using a joke very similar to the one he used yesterday. "You can't trust them, they suddenly stop and the television turns off." "Dear, I want to see Donald Trump on television tonight," the US president joked. "But the wind stopped blowing and I can't."



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