Donald Trump: "Venezuela Will Do Very Well, Just Look"

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, referred on Tuesday to the Venezuelan situation in the framework of his participation in the World Economic Forum, which takes place this week in the Swiss city of Davos. Asked about it by Deutsche Welle in the halls of the convention, the President said: "Venezuela will do very well, just look."

Considering that the president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, will also travel to Davos this week, and the fact that the Trump administration has been a strong defender of the Venezuelan opposition, has been speculated on the possibility of both holding a bilateral meeting.

However, the president in charge has already had contact with senior US officials this week: he met Monday with the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in the framework of the Hemispheric Summit against Terrorism, which took place that day in Colombia.


After the meeting, Guaido and Pompeo offered statements to the press. “We are working for the transition and change in Venezuela. Today Venezuelans are not alone, ”said the president of the National Assembly. The head of US diplomacy, meanwhile, anticipated that his country will take "more actions" in support of Guaidó: "I expect more permanent actions from the United States to continue supporting President Guaidó and the Venezuelan people."

One of them materialized on Tuesday, when the United States blocked 15 PDVSA planes used by members of the Venezuelan regime. These sanctions are part of the strong US campaign to put pressure on the Maduro regime in Venezuela. On January 13, the Treasury sanctioned Luis Eduardo Parra Rivero and six other deputies of the National Assembly, whom he considers to be accomplices of Chavismo who attempted to take the legislative body by force on January 5. Parra was the main accomplice of the dictatorship in his desperate attempt to keep parliamentary control that ended up failing because of the actions of Juan Guaidó and part of the opposition.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Pompeo said on Tuesday in Costa Rica that the international community has had numerous conversations with the Venezuelan dictator, Nicolás Maduro, in recent months, but there has been no willingness on the part of the Chavez regime to hold free elections, such as claimed by the opposition and the countries that consider the dictator's government illegitimate.

“There have been a number of conversations with Nicolás Maduro in recent months. But there has been no demonstration that he is prepared to allow free and open elections, ”said the US Secretary of State from San José.

Guaido, meanwhile, heads this week its first international tour. This Tuesday he met in the United Kingdom with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and then with Foreign Minister Dominic Raab. “My thanks to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for supporting Venezuela. The United Kingdom helped us in our first fight for freedom, the struggle for independence. It has been and will be a fundamental partner for the Venezuelan people, ”Guaidó said after the meeting with Johnson.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, he will move to Brussels, where he plans to meet with the head of European diplomacy, the Spanish Josep Borrell, before attending the Davos economic forum.

In Venezuela, the opposition denounced another episode of intimidation by the Maduro regime. They indicated that agents of the Chavez Special Action Forces (FAES) and the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) raided the offices of the Guaidó office in the Zurich Tower, in El Rosal, in Caracas.

Fabiana Rosales, wife of Guaidó, denounced the raid on her Twitter account: “We alert the world, that our offices located in the Rosal, Zurich Tower, are being raided, with more than 40 officials among members of the FAES, SEBIN and others organisms of the dictatorship ”.

“We alert the world, before possible planting, at this time our offices are alone. While President Juan Guaidó makes a successful tour, regime officials vilely and cowardly attack our offices, ”he added.



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