Donald Trump Visits Mask Factory In Arizona Without Wearing a

Phoenix – Presenting himself as the best evidence for the country’s reopening, President Donald Trump on Tuesday visited a mask factory in Arizona, using the trip to show his determination to mitigate confinement orders even as the coronavirus it remains a serious threat. But Trump did not wear a facemask even though regulations required that he wear one inside the facility at all times.

“The people of our country must think of themselves as warriors. We must open up,” Trump declared when leaving Washington on a tour where the most important thing is the trip and not the destination.

In Arizona, Trump recognized the human cost of returning to normal.


“I am not going to say that everything is perfect, and yes, will there be people affected? Yes. Will some be seriously harmed? Yes. But we must open the country, and we must open it soon,” he declared.

Trump said he would wear a mask if the factory was a “mask environment,” but in the end he only wore goggles during his tour of the Honeywell facility. Almost all of the employees and members of the press, as well as some elements of the White House and Secret Service personnel, wore face masks. Senior White House officials and Honeywell executives did not wear masks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that all Americans wear cloth masks in the event that they are unable to exercise social estrangement, such as in supermarkets, particularly in areas with high rates of contagion. In the area where the president issued his statements, a huge screen displayed the safety regulations, one of which stated: “Please wear your mask at all times.”

Vice President Mike Pence was recently criticized for appearing in some unmasked photographs during a visit to the Mayo Clinic accompanied by hospital officials and doctors, who did wear face masks. Pence stated that he was not aware that it was a requirement and that he is frequently tested for coronavirus. A few days later, he was seen at another event wearing a mask.

Trump’s visit came as the White House declared it hopes to downsize its coronavirus task force in the next month as the president changes his focus, from facing the “invisible enemy” toward reviving the economy. “



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