Donald Trump Wanted His Daughter Ivanka To Marry Tom Brady

Donald Trump gave again what to talk about, the American president usually says everything he thinks and now decided to extend his opinion on a personal issue of his daughter Ivanka, who is married to Jared Kushner, an American businessman who is currently a presidential advisor to strategic issues.

According to the Vanguard newspaper, the president of the USA did not find the decision of his daughter to marry Kushner correct and recently confessed to his friends that he would have preferred Ivanka to marry the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.

"Why couldn't he have married Tom Brady? Have you seen how far a soccer ball throws?" Trump told his friends.


It was also mentioned that the president constantly mocks his son-in-law whom he compares to Brady, even on one occasion, when talking to Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, joked to say: "Jared is half the size of Tom Brady's forearm ".

Annoyance for the Jewish wedding

Trump also didn't think the wedding was 100% Jewish, because for this Ivanka will have to convert to this religion.



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