Donald Trump Wants An 'acceptable Solution' To The 'dilemma' Of Vaping

US President Donald Trump said on Monday, November 11, 2019 that he will meet with representatives of the electronic cigarette industry to find an “acceptable solution” to the “dilemma” of vaping, in full swing between manufacturers and health authorities from the United States.

"I will meet with representatives of the vaping industry, medical professionals and government officials to find an acceptable solution to the vaping and electronic cigarette dilemma," the president wrote on Twitter before participating in a ceremony honoring war veterans in NY.

"The health and safety of children, along with jobs, will be priorities," he added.


The electronic cigarette was in the middle of the controversy since American vapers began a few months ago to get a rare lung disease. So far 2,000 people have been affected and 39 have died.

Health authorities have questioned the vitamin E oil apparently added to cannabis refills sold on the black market.

The vaping industry is also accused of trying to attract young people in particular, with flavored refills, and of making them dependent on nicotine.

A decisi on is expected this week at the White House on the prohibition of these refills – with the exception of the aromas of tobacco and menthol – announced in September to reduce vaping among young people.

Donald Trump said Friday that he also wants to increase the minimum age to buy electronic cigarettes in the United States from 18 to 21 years.

The leading industry brand in the country, Juul, had announced the day before the cessation of the sale of mint-refilled refills, after the publication of a study showing that it was the favorite flavor of American high school students.

Vaping advocates have warned of the financial blow to the industry if the ban is confirmed, and the importance of electronic cigarettes to deter former smokers from relapsing.

The ban "would cause a lot of damage to the sector and could lead some to bankruptcy," Johann Phipps, owner of an electronic cigarette store in Texas, told AFP on Saturday, in front of the White House. "Tobacco and menthol represent a percentage of our sales, but around 85% are fruit aromas," he added.



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