Donald Trump Warns In Persian, Again, To Iran Not To Obtain Nuclear Weapons

United States.- The American President, Donald Trump, warned Iran in another tweet, written in Persian, not to try to obtain nuclear weapons and not to repress protesters in the country.

The president said he does not care that Iran is willing or not to negotiate, as long as they do not violate those limits.

The National Security Adviser suggested today that the sanctions and protests that Iran 'drowned' will force them to negotiate. Actually, I couldn't care less if they negotiate. It will be totally theirs, but don't nuclear weapons and 'don't kill their protesters,' "the President wrote.


This is the third tweet of the President in Farsi, after warning in previous messages to the Iranian government about not suppressing anti-government protests over the accidental demolition of a Ukrainian plane with 176 people.

This was the second day of protests in the country, after the repression of the Government against protesters in November left more than 300 dead, according to activist reports.

Meanwhile, Iranian officials today demanded respect for their language, the Persian, after the tweet in that language published by US President Donald Trump.

Tonight the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guide, Abbas Salehi, stressed that Persian language is a symbol of Iranian culture and questioned the US president for having threatened to destroy Iran's cultural sites.

You threatened to attack Iran's cultural sites and today you are addressing Iranians in Persian language, "the cultural official wrote in a tweet.

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