Donald Trump Was Aware Of The Reporter's Complaint When He Unlocked Military Aid For Ukraine

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, was aware of the denunciation of the informant who is now at the center of the impeachment investigation of the House when he unleashed military aid to Ukraine in September, the New York Times reported Monday.

People familiar with the matter told the New York newspaper that the White House lawyers informed the president about the complaint and explained that they were trying to determine if they were legally obliged to hand it over to Congress.

The president is investigated because he allegedly asked the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, to investigate his political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter in exchange for giving him a military aid he had already promised. Although Trump acknowledged that he pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden, he denied that this was the reason why he retained the delivery of almost $ 400 million in military aid to the country, or why he gave Zelenski's attempts to meet with him in the White House.


According to the NYT, the revelation could shed light on Trump's thinking at two critical points under the scrutiny of political trial investigators: his decision in early September to release USD 391 million in security assistance to Ukraine and his contemporary refusal to a key ambassador that there was an exchange of favors with Kiev.

Meanwhile, the Democrats investigating Trump are ready to move forward in the impeachment process after the break for Thanksgiving, after spending two weeks interviewing advisers and diplomats. The chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the Lower House, Democrat Adam Schiff, said Monday in a letter that, since the investigation for a political trial of Trump began at the end of September, his committee has compiled “a massive amount of evidence ”about the“ corrupt intentions ”of the president.

The Democrats also announced that they will present a report on the investigation in December.

The Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, which deals with the investigation, announced Tuesday that it will begin the next phase on December 4 and invited Trump and his lawyers to participate.

"The Committee expects its participation in the investigation by political trial," wrote Jerry Nadler, president of the Judiciary Committee, in a letter to Trump.

These hearings will address the historical and constitutional basis for a political trial and determine whether Trump's alleged actions warrant that the Committee issue dismissal charges, Nadler added in his letter.

While the Senate, dominated by Republicans, will almost certainly absolve him, this is not the way Trump wants to go down in history after having presumed from the beginning to be one of the most successful presidents in the country.



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