Donald Trump Was Booed At Madison Square Garden

The president went to Madison Square Garden to enjoy a sports show Source: Reuters

NEW YORK – It happened a second time in less than a week. Last night,
the president of the United States, Donald
He was booed in a sporting event in Manhattan by the local public, who did not hesitate to show his discontent when he saw the
Republican in the stadium.

By attending a mixed martial arts fight,
Trump raised his fist and greeted the spectators as he entered Madison Square Garden but instead of massive applause and congratulations,
He received gestures of repudiation and discontent.


Even on the street several dozen people carried banners with legends like
"Trump / Pence Out Now" and "Lock It Up".

The president had arrived at the place with his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and hoped to have a quiet and enjoyable evening, however yesterday's was added to the one happened days ago in the capital, when next to the first lady Melania Trump He showed in the box and then appeared on the giant screen during a World Series match at the Nationals Stadium and party goers
they started shouting against him and asking to be jailed, according to what was published by the chain

The reaction of the public in New York, which was the city that made him a successful businessman and his favorite place to live before he had to move to Washington, added to the signs of discontent in the midst of the scandal that shakes the White House for the president's supposed request to
his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the Democrats who wants to compete in the presidential elections next year, and get information that hurts his career.

Since a few weeks ago, when the information about this call made in the middle of the year was known,
the opposition in Congress denounces the president for his illegal behavior and seeks to bring him to trial while from Washington they insist that it was a relaxed conversation and without any political intentionality.


The US Congress opened last Thursday a new stage of the investigation with a view to the impeachment of the president after a crucial vote that will allow lawmakers to publicly interrogate the witnesses of the now called

The president went to Madison Square Garden to enjoy a sports show Source: Reuters

The House of Representatives – where Democrats have 224 of the 435 seats – voted in favor of a resolution that gives a formal framework to the investigations and authorizes the organization of public hearings, after five weeks of closed-door interrogations to determine whether Trump used State resources to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Biden.

The vote largely followed party lines, with 232 votes in favor against 196 against, to formalize the process of political trial, which also provides opportunities for Trump's defense to interrogate witnesses.

After knowing the decision, the Republican
He denounced in a tweet "the greatest witch hunt in the history of the United States".

The investigation focuses on a July 25 telephone call in which Trump asks the president of Ukraine to investigate the Democratic political rival Joe Biden, former vice president of the United States, and his son Hunter, who was director of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma . Biden is a favorite in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination and face Trump in the coming election.

The president went to Madison Square Garden to enjoy a sports show Source: Reuters

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