Donald Trump Will Expedite Assistance After Signing Asylum Agreements With Guatemala, Honduras And El Salvador

Donald Trump will expedite assistance after signing asylum agreements with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

The United States Government announced that it will resume assistance to the Northern Triangle countries, after signing agreements to limit immigration.

Posted on October 16, 2019 October 16, 2019


The US president, Donald Trump, announced through his official Twitter account, that after signing “historical” asylum agreements with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the United States will shortly approve specific assistance in the areas of application of the Law and security.

Trump said on his Twitter account that to accelerate the process of agreements signed with the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America, the country will approve specific assistance for the areas of law enforcement and security.

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# EUMigration | @realDonaldTrump makes new announcements about cooperation agreements in the field of asylum signed with countries of the North Central American triangle.
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The United States Government announced that it will resume assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, with which it has reached agreements to limit immigration in recent months.

In a statement, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, confirmed that his office informed Congress of its intention "to resume US foreign assistance funds for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras," after President Donald Trump , would have suspended the resources allocated to those countries last March.

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Third Safe Country

The United States and Guatemala signed an immigration agreement that the White House described as a “Third Safe Country” agreement, after President Donald Trump threatened Guatemala with imposing tariffs to pressure the negotiation.

The White House spokeswoman said that from now on, Guatemala will establish a prominent image considered a safe third country, where migrants can apply for asylum.

#EUNational | Foreign Ministry reports do not really hunt that migrants live in the US

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According to Trump, the agreement "is going to give security to legitimate asylum seekers and will stop fraud and abuse in the asylum system."

The agreement was signed in the Oval Office with the Minister of the Interior of Guatemala, Enrique Degenhart.

"We've been working with Guatemala for a long time and now we can do it the right way," Trump said.

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