Donald Trump Will Go To Political Trial; Could Be Dismissed

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Mexico City / 18.12.2019 20:12:12

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, will be put on political trial after Congress will vote in favor of the 'impeachment'.


The US Senate reached the necessary votes so that the charge of abuse of power was approved against the president, since they accuse him of bringing personal interests to those of the country. In addition to being pointed out to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, who could be his electoral rival in 2020.

After a heated discussion between Democrats and Republicans, 216 representatives voted in favor of the measure, which became a simple majority to carry out the political trial against Trump, which could lead to his dismissal as president of the United States.

Trump will be the third president to enter this process. At the moment the start of the trial still has no start date but could begin in January 2020, after the Christmas holidays.



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