Donald Trump Will Meet With The Chief Negotiator Of China, But Doubted He Wants To Reach An Agreement

Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will meet at the White House with Liu He, Chinese vice premier and chief negotiator of the Asian giant, as part of the resumption of dialogues between the two largest economies in the world.

“Great day of negotiations with China. They want to reach an agreement, but I want to? ”Trump wrote on his Twitter account, before confirming the meeting.

On the eve, the president had advanced a similar tone of caution regarding the dialogue.


"There is a very good possibility," Trump replied in the White House when asked about the possibility of reaching a substantial understanding. “The question is, do I want to make a deal? And the answer is: if it's the right deal, yes, ”he added.

For his part, Liu said: "The Chinese delegation arrived with great sincerity, with the intention of cooperating with the United States in the balance of trade, market access and protection of investors." In addition, he noted that China expects the international community to work together to maintain global stability and prosperity.

Friday's meeting between Trump and Liu will take place days before the new tariff increase, scheduled for October 15, from 25 to 30% to Chinese imports worth $ 250,000 million.

Last September 1 took place the last episode of the trade war that confronts Washington and Beijing with the entry into force of the increase of 10 to 15% on Chinese imports worth 112,000 million dollars

In retaliation, Beijing launched the 5 to 10% levies on US products valued at $ 75 billion.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)



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