Donald Trump Will Restore $ 150 Million For Region, According To Diario | El Salvador News

The government of El Salvador also recently signed an immigration agreement with the Trump Executive that seeks to stop irregular migration from Central America.

The adviser of Donald Trump and head of the National Security Council of the United States for the Western Hemisphere, Mauricio Claver-Carone, confirmed on Tuesday the visit to El Salvador by Secretary Kevin McAleenan, despite the announcement of his departure from the US Government.

According to the Washington Examiner newspaper, it would make the official announcement that the current administration will re-establish the $ 150 million in aid that it cut in June to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for, at that time, not cooperating with the United States in curbing the undocumented migratory flow.


President Trump announced on October 11 the departure of McAleenan, interim secretary of the National Security of the United States, who has led the Government's immigration and border policy in recent months.

Hours before the announcement of the US president, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador reported that Secretary McAleenan would visit the Central American nation to discuss with the Government authorities the issue of Salvadorans benefiting from temporary protection status (TPS).

However, Claver-Carone said "McAleenan will be in El Salvador to sign other cooperation agreements, to strengthen the immigration agreement signed with this country."

“Secretary McAleenan will be in El Salvador to sign several phases of implementation of the agreement signed in New York (…) Secretary McAleenan announced that he does plan to retire, but it is not an immediate withdrawal and will definitely be next week in El Salvador ”Said the Trump adviser in a videoconference.

This would be the second time the US secretary has visited the Central American country this year.



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