Donald Trump, Worried About The Stability Of Mexico: Landau

Eduardo de la Rosa and Cristina Ochoa

Cancun / 21.10.2019 20:30:46

The US ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, said that President Donald Trump is very concerned about the stability of Mexico.


"On Saturday President Trump wanted to underline his support for Mexico and I also talked with the president for a long time on Friday, after this from Culiacán, and he is very concerned about the stability of Mexico," he said during his participation in the seventeenth Mexico edition Business Summit, in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Landau said his country wants a prosperous and stable Mexico. "The things we do in Mexico we don't do by chance, it's really very important."

He said that his priority as ambassador is the issue of security, violence, corruption and the problems or issues that are intertwined between the two countries.

“Today I come from a meeting with the government security team, with Secretary of Security Durazo, Foreign Minister Ebrard and we talked about what we were going to do to control the flow of weapons that I know is a problem for Mexico and there are measures that we can jointly implement, because none of the countries can do it alone, ”he said.




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