Donald Trump's Bad Time While Several Children Ignore Him And Run Away After Getting His Candy

Dani Mateo points out in Zapeando that in the US they are already celebrating Halloween "in style", including its president, Donald Trump. Of course, the presenter sends a 'dart' to the politician: "For me, it has been Halloween since he came to power because every day is more scary."

On the other hand, Quique Peinado explains that "one more year, the White House has released Halloween decoration." This time, the president and the first lady, Melania, have appeared with a peculiar song. "What better way to receive Donald and Melania than with the tuning of the Adams Family," Quique said.

In addition, the sapper explains that, "as tradition dictates," the couple received "a group of children to give them chocolates." "What has given what to talk about has been the attitude of some children," says Quique, who shows in Zapando the video in which several children ignore the president and only talk to Melania.




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