Donald Trump's 'Commercial War' Facilitated Money Laundering

The commercial war started by Donald Trump He is helping to launder his money to Mexican cartels, as Oregon authorities say they thwarted a complex plan to convert the profits obtained by criminal drug organizations in the United States into pesos using Chinese citizens who mock the financial laws of their country .

They take advantage of the trade war between the United States and China, which authorities said increased demand for US dollars from wealthy Chinese citizens living abroad, given that China tightened its banking regulations.

Oregon federal prosecutors accused Shefeng Su, 39, Xinhua Li Yan, 46 – both residents of Portland – and Xiancong Su, 39, of laundering some $ 29 million between October 2015 and March 2018. The three toured the country selling large amounts of dollars from illegal drug trafficking to other Chinese citizens living in the United States, according to prosecutors.


None of the three are detained and are believed to be no longer in the United States, federal officials told Oregon Public Broadcasting. No lawyer represents the three Chinese, according to the case files. The three were accused of conspiring to launder money in Oregon and in seven other states.

"What this accusation tells us is that money laundering specialists employ increasingly sophisticated methods," said deputy federal prosecutor Katie de Villiers, in charge of the asset recovery and money laundering division of the Oregon district. .

On February 4, 2017, the Texas police arrested Shefang Su and Xiancong Su. They had almost 1.3 million dollars in cash. "The money was vacuum packed and there were loose bills that police dogs smelled like drugs," the indictment says.



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