Donald Trump's Conduct Is "developing Crime"

Jerry Nadler, a Democratic representative who heads the lower house Judicial Committee, said the conduct of US President Donald Trump is a "developing crime" that threatens democracy, in the prelude to a vote Historical on the political trial of the Republican president.

“Do we have a constitutional democracy, or do we have a monarchy, in which the president is not accountable? That is what is at stake here, ”asked the legislator.

Nadler expressed his anger at the Republican senators who said they had already made the decision, without knowing evidence or testimony, to exonerate Trump in the political trial that is expected to take place in January 2020.


Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, promised "total coordination" with the White House and said there is no chance Trump will be convicted.

Next Wednesday, the plenary session of the lower house will vote on the two positions approved by the panel headed by Nadler, and it is expected that the Democratic majority will advance the impeachment process to its next stage in the Senate.

If the forecast is fulfilled, Trump will become the third president of US history to be put on political trial.

Recognize FBI disorder in the case of Russia

Former FBI director James Comey acknowledged that a report by the Department of Justice inspector general identified a "real mess" by watching a former Donald Trump campaign assistant.

“There was real negligence, 17 things that should have been in the applications or at least should have been discussed and rated differently. It was not acceptable, ”said Comey.

The former official acknowledged that he was vindicating because the report found no evidence of Trump's most outrageous claims, such as when he said they were spying on him and that the FBI had committed treason by investigating ties between Russia and his presidential campaign in 2016.



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