Donald Trump's Cruel Mockery Of a Boy Dressed As "Minion" Who Asked Him For Candy At The White House

As a preamble to the Halloween party, the president of the United States, Donald Trump and his wife Melania, offered sweets in the White House, as they traditionally do, to children in disguise.

For almost 40 minutes, the presidential couple interacted with the little ones who wore amazing costumes.

But one of them caught the attention of the US president and his wife. He was a boy who was dressed as Minion, one of the characters in the movie My Favorite Villain.


When it was his turn to receive the candy, Trump began to laugh and put the chocolate on the inflatable head, so that the little one did not realize, he continued on his way falling the candy to the floor. Melania and the people who were there couldn't help laughing, however, White House staff helped the candy reach the child's bag.

Memes and negative comments generated the controversial moment

This is the video:

Trump puts candy bar on head of White House trick-or-treater dressed as minion

– TIME (@TIME) October 29, 2019



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