Donald Trump's Fall

One of the added benefits of the summer of 2019 in Puerto Rico has been the understanding by our people of the process of residing a governor, as well as the power of the Legislative Assembly to do so. This led many people to read our Constitution for the first time to understand what was happening. The experience lived by all barely two months ago allows us to understand the very delicate situation in which President Donald Trump is, again, as well as the imminence of the beginning of the residency process.

The perception of most Americans with some degree of wisdom is how unfortunate Trump's management has been. Their official and personal conduct has caused them shame. Officially, international relations with leaders of allied countries have weakened; and with non-allies the possibility of identifying areas of consensus and negotiation has vanished. Personally, the insults to his opponents, his constant lies, his sexist behavior and his desire to profit from the presidency have significantly increased his situation of vulnerability.

To analyze what can happen after the investigation that the Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered in the House of Representatives – as a sequel to the dissemination of the conversation between Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine – it is imperative to demarcate the political from the legal.


From a legal point of view, the matter is easy to understand and adjudicate. Trump's behavior and that of people close to him (as embodied in the Mueller report on collusion between members of his campaign committee and a foreign nation) already provided a sufficient basis for residence. This is joined by the complaint of a snitch ("whistleblower") and the transcription of a telephone call between Trump and Zelensky in which the former asks the latter to investigate the son of his main political opponent.

It is clear that, from a legal perspective, the House of Representatives should authorize the presentation of accusations against the president, which only requires the vote of the majority of its members. It is also obvious that there is sufficient evidence to be found guilty in the political trial that would be held in the Senate, but that requires two thirds of the vote of its members. There should be no doubt that the fundamentals to reside Trump are far superior to those that were intended to be filed against Richard Nixon.

The political aspect, however, is more complex. Some Democrats are concerned that Trump is projected as a victim of political persecution, that it fuels his followers and strengthens what is currently a very fragile candidacy. Republicans have to be weighing their loyalty to their president and how their inaction or support for it can weaken the Republican Party in the next elections or even their own nominations in the respective states.

It is unfortunate that in a matter of this significance – which the entire planet is looking at – the political prime over the legal. It is as if it were said: “Doing the right thing is not the most important thing; it is secondary to the political benefit that can be obtained ”. On the other hand, politicians should not disparage their constituents, who, despite being affiliated with a certain party and sharing some Trump proposals, can sometimes distinguish straw from grain. Wasn't that the lesson with Nixon? Of course, we must recognize that Fox News did not exist by then.

Regardless of the robustness of the allegations and the evidence against Trump, the final outcome will depend on one of two: that the congressmen fulfill their ministerial duty or act according to the polls.

It wouldn't hurt to look towards this country, which Trump so much detests, and learn from the Puerto Ricans and our summer of 2019.

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