Donald Trump's First Contact With Alberto Fernández: I Have Instructed The IMF To Work With You – 11/01/2019

President-elect Alberto Fernández had his first dialogue with Donald Trump. It was this Friday afternoon before traveling to Mexico to meet with Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

According to the president-elect command, Trump called Fernandez at 17 to congratulate him on the triumph last Sunday. Both had a brief but cordial dialogue, translation by.

The call was made by the embassy led by Edward Prado, but at the direct initiative of the White House. On the Argentine side, the former Argentine ambassador to Washington, Jorge Argüello, one of the foreign policy men of Fernández's kidney, was in charge of the contact.


“Congratulations on the great victory. We watched it on television, ”said the US president who also told him:“ (you) are going to do a fantastic job. I hope to meet you immediately. His victory has been commented on all over the world, ”said a newsletter of Fernández's team.

During the telephone conversation, they said, that the president-elect maintained from his offices in Mexico Street, in San Telmo, Trump said he had instructed his team in the International Monetary Fund to help Argentina. “I have instructed the IMF to work with you. Feel free to call me. "

In the press release that the president-elect team transmitted to the press, Fernandez was informed that Trump intended to maintain "a mature and cordial relationship" around "many common issues in the context of a complex situation in which Argentina need help". "We have to do things together," Fernandez told Trump.

Trump's gesture, five days after the elections in which the candidate of the Front of All prevailed over President Mauricio Macri, has high resonance, since the Republican tycoon is a friend and a strong ally of Macri since he took office in January 2017. His voice, in that sense, was essential to unlock the financial rescue of the IMF to Argentina.

It also marks a clear intention of the White House to continue the policy of alliances that Washington maintained with the administration of Cambiemos (now Together for Change), despite the statements with which Fernández sought to differentiate himself. While in Spain, the former head of Cabinet K said he wanted a "m ature" relationship with the United States but without dependence. And he also said at all times that he wanted to get Argentina out of the Lima Group, a block that maintains pressure on the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the first to greet Alberto F.'s triumph this week. In a statement, he also spoke of shared values, such as democracy and the rule of law between his country and Argentina.

But other messages quickly arrived. This week, a spokesman for the State Department urged the elected government to remain within the Lima Group, which is one of the points of political alliance that were created with the United States.

Donaldo Trump called Alberto Fernández. (Reuters)

Also, the head of the US Treasury, Robert Mnuchin, recalled in an interview with the Reuters agency that "Argentina has a commitment to the IMF" and that his expectation was that "this government fulfills that commitment."

For Washington, Venezuela is a more than sensitive issue. Even, a few months ago, in the middle of the electoral campaign, a Washington official told this chronicler that Mexico could leave the Lima Group – Enrique Peña Nieto added his country to this club but AMLO left – because the agenda with that country He had "many other priorities," starting with the immigration issue. Argentina does not have that margin because the agenda is much smaller.

Other sources consulted have indicated that they also follow the message very closely and what will happen during the Puebla Group summit that will take place in Buenos Aires between Friday 8 and Sunday 10.

President-elect Fernández will inaugurate it at the Emperor Hotel, in Buenos Aires. It is organized by the Chilean Marco Enríquez-Ominami, diplomatic negotiator of albertismo.

From that meeting of the Latin American left that is assumed as a progressive current, they fear the same anti-American expressions of the counter-FTAA that was made in the presence of George W. Bush, of Mar del Plata, in 2005, when Néstor Kirchner ruled. With the permission of the late former president, Hugo Chavez and Lula da Silva captained. There was also Diego Armando Maradona, as a color character.

This week, the Department spokesman who was asked about the Lima Group and Argentina also approached him about the presence of Cristina Kirchner in the formula with Alberto F. The vice president elect had strong clashes with the administration of Barack Obama and her husband Nestor Kirchner with that of George W. Bush. He replied that he knew and finished: "We seek to work with the administration of Alberto Fernández".




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