Donald Trump's Lawyers Denounced That The Political Trial Is An "illegitimate" Attempt To Overturn The 2016 Elections

The legal team of the US president, Donald Trump, published on Saturday the response to the formal notification of opening of impeachment or impeachment proceedings against him in the Senate alleging that it is a "shameless and illegitimate attempt" of the Democrats to cancel the 2016 presidential elections that led him to the White House.

Therefore, they consider that the articles approved in the House of Representatives are “constitutionally invalid”, “a dangerous attack on the right of the American people to freely elect their president,” according to the six-page text signed by the team of lawyers led by Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow and collected by the newspaper 'The Hill' in their digital edition.

In addition "it interferes with the elections of 2020 just a few months of them." "This highly partisan and reckless obsession to open political judgment to the president began even before these elections and continues to this day," they argue.


The ‘impeachment’ includes articles that accuse Trump of abuse of power in his dealings with Ukraine and for obstruction of a congressional investigation of them. However, Trump's lawyers say there is no punishable crime and therefore are invalid.

Until now, the president and his lawyers have not participated in the ‘impeachment’ process and have even tried to prevent the appearance of senior officials and former senior officials because it is a process with political motives. Meanwhile, the process continues and after its approval in the House of Representatives the Senate will vote next Tuesday at the earliest time to set the rules for the political trial against Trump.

According to the statement of objections, Trump tried to have Ukraine investigate the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter for alleged corruption in their business with Ukrainian companies.

Before specifying these steps, it was reported that Ken Starr, a well-known prosecutor who led the accusation against Bill Clinton when he was subjected to an impeachment in the case of the Monica Lewinsky Scholar, was added to the magnate's lawyer team between December 1998 and February of the following year. In addition, lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Robert Ray join the same team.

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