Donald Trump’s ‘made In USA’ Caganer

From Brooklyn, in New York, Miriam Margarita Basilio Gaztambide shares in La Vanguardia’s Readers’ Mailbox the story of what would be the made-in-USA version of Donald Trump’s’ canager ‘, the US president who lost recently the election against Democrat Joe Biden.

“These are some photos of a very curious doll that I have seen in a store in Manhattan,” explains the reader.

“Surrounded by all kinds of Christmas items, I saw this doll that, according to the box advertises, poops sweets and is called Political Pooper, that is, political crap,” explains Miriam.


‘Caganer’ Political Pooper doll.

Miriam Margarita Basilio Gaztambide / MMBG

It should be remembered that Trump, after the voting, denounced electoral fraud and refused to publicly accept his defeat against his Democratic opponent.

“It’s like a combination of a caganer and a Tió de Nadal, but it seems to me that perhaps the reference is a piñata, because unfortunately the Americans do not know what the wonderful Christmas in Catalonia is,” says the reader.

Political Pooper ‘caganer’ doll with an image reminiscent of Donald Trump.

Miriam Margarita Basilio Gaztambide / MMBG

“In the box it says ‘Official Member of the Republican Party’, using the infantile word for toilet, potty, by party”, Miriam clarifies.

“This weekend there were two trending topics on Twitter: #DiaperDon and #DiaperDonald, alluding to rumors that he suffers from incontinence and is wearing diapers,” says the reader, reinforcing the idea of ​​the ‘caganer’ doll.

“It may be that the doll refers to that, in any case I was amused, and perhaps you too!” This reader wishes to share this story from New York.

Donald Trump, in the White House.

BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP The Reader’s Mailbox Do you have a story to share?

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