Donald Trump's Middle East Peace Plan Demands The Creation Of a State Of Palestine: Media

WASHINGTON.-US officials say President Donald Trump's long-awaited Middle East peace plan demands the creation of a state of Palestine with its capital in parts of East Jerusalem.

Officials say the plan doubles the territory currently under Palestinian control, although it also recognizes Israeli sovereignty over the main settlement blocs in the West Bank, something the Palestinians will surely oppose.

The Palestinians have already rejected the proposal, accusing Trump of being partial in favor of Israel, as he has adopted policies that reinforce Israel.


The plan itself calls for a four-year freeze on the construction of a new Israeli settlement, during which details of a comprehensive agreement would be negotiated, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity before Trump's announcement.

However, it was not immediately clear if the freeze could be extended if a final agreement is not concluded within four years.

The 50-page political scheme goes further in concessions to the Palestinians than many analysts believed was likely.

However, I would require them to accept conditions that they were not willing to consider before, such as accepting West Bank settlements.

It is based on a 30-page economic plan for the West Bank and Gaza that was released last June and that the Palestinians have also rejected.

Under the terms of the "peace vision" in which Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, has been working for almost three years, the future Palestinian state would consist of the West Bank and Gaza, connected by a combination of roads and tunnels. terrestrial, according to officials.

Officials said both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main political rival in the March elections, Benny Gantz, had signed the plan. Netanyahu will be next to Trump as he unveils the plan at the White House.

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