Donald Trump's Son Reveals Alleged Name Of Anonymous Whistleblower

Donald Trump Jr. published Twitter the alleged name of a CIA official presented as the anonymous whistleblower whose testimony unleashed the impeachment procedure against his father, President Donald Trump.

The identity of the person indicated by Trump Jr. has been circulating since last week in media identified as close to the extreme right, but the AFP could not verify that information independently and does not publish the name.

In his tweet, Trump's son accused the complainant of having worked with the "anti Trump" and placed a link to an article on the conservative site Breitbart News.


I love the outrage about me tweeting an article about the “alleged” whistleblower… also good to know you have other sources confirming.

Those thinking I coordinated with The White House to tweet out a @BreitbartNews article haven’t been watching my feed a lot. Didn't happen!

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 6, 2019

Andrew Bakaj, the anonymous complainant's lawyer, did not confirm or deny the veracity of the identity, but said Trump Jr. and others were putting the complainant at risk and also the entire protection system designed for such cases.

"Any name that identifies with the complainant will simply put that individual and his family in danger," Bakaj told AFP.

"What he will not do, however, is to free the president from the need to face the substantive allegations, which have all been substantially proven as true."

Bakaj's client is a member of the intelligence services that was affected for a while at the White House.

Trump, threatened by impeachment process

Last summer, the complainant expressed to his superior his concern over a July 25 telephone exchange, in which President Trump allegedly pressured his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, to investigate Democrat Joe Biden, his possible rival in the 2020 elections, in exchange for military aid.

This revelation prompted the Democrats to initiate an investigation with a view to a political trial against Trump, which could end the presidency of the Republican millionaire in advance.

On Thursday of last week, the House of Representatives, dominated by the Democrats, voted in favor of a formalization of the investigations, which began a new public stage of the investigations that will begin on November 13 with open-door hearings .

Trump, who has repeatedly asked for the identity of the complainant to be revealed, disqualified the parliamentary investigation as a "witch hunt" and said his call with the Ukrainian president was "perfect."



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