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The personality of Donald Trump would fit fully in the medical description of the disorder known as paranoid psychosis because “his thinking is rigid and incorrigible: he does not take into account the opposite reasons, he only collects data or signs that confirm the prejudice to turn it into conviction and although being afflicted with such delusional disorder would be quite functional and does not tend to show strange behavior except as a direct result of the delusional idea ”(read the construction of the Wall with Mexico). In the specific case of Trump, we would be faced with a typical case of megalomaniac paranoia, delusions of greatness that causes the individual to feel endowed with extraordinary talent and power because the deities have chosen him for a high mission (restore White Power in a society in which demographic evolution will cause the white population to be a minority in the scenario of 2043).

Another feature of his personality would be histrionics that impels him to "draw public attention and be reckless in his statements regardless of the opinion of others due to his obvious lack of morality," which opened a new front in the US to try to declare Trump "mentally unstable" and apply Amendment 25 of the Constitution that provides for the succession of the president "if the vice president and the majority of his cabinet considers that he is mentally or physically disabled to exercise his position", an initiative that was diluted for the absence of a Republican consensus candidate to replace Donald Trump.

Why was the impeachment against Trump not activated?


The new geostrategic doctrine known as "Hybrid War" would be attributable to the Chief of Staff of the FF.AA. Russian, Valery Gerasimov who said that “it is increasingly common to give priority to a joint use of non-military, political, economic, informational and other measures that would be supported by military force. They are the so-called hybrid methods ”, a concept that according to US media would have been put into practice for the first time on the occasion of the recent Presidential Elections in the US. Thus, on the "Mother Jones" research website, a reduced version of the US intelligence services report appeared in which they directly accused the Putin government of being behind "alleged cyber attacks by Russian hackers to unbalance the electoral campaign of Hilary Clinton and tip the scales in favor of the supposed Russian submarine, Donald Trump. ”

According to the cited document of the US intelligence services, the Russian Central Intelligence Department (GRU) based in Moscow, considered the “most powerful and effective Russian spying service today after assuming the functions of the original Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) ", would have used the hacker Guccifer 2.0 as well as the DC website and WikiLeaks to" publicly disseminate information about Hillary Clinton's secret emails obtained through cyber hacking. " This extreme was denied by the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange as well as by Donald Trump, who would have consistently denied the existence of the so-called "Russian connection", accusing the National Security Agency and the FBI of "witch hunts" and of be involved in the filtering of harmful information for your Administration.

Said affair (known as “Russiagate), had as its first collateral victim Donald Trump's National Security adviser, Michael Flynn after leaking that Vice President Mike Pence would have lied about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in Washington and the last blow of the Special Prosecutor Mueller would be Rick Gates who agreed to plead "guilty of financial conspiracy," all of which seriously threatened the stability of Battleship Trump, "but finally, the impeachment was dismissed following the presentation of the Special Prosecutor Robert S.'s report to the Department of Justice. Mueller in which he affirmed "that there was no collusion of Trump with the Russian plot".

Will the Ukrainian plot provoke the decline of Donald Trump?

Until Eisenhower, the CIA was solely the central intelligence organization for the United States government and was behind multiple tasks of insurgent training and destabilization of governments contrary to the Pentagon policies, but the military and financial lobbies (both phagocyted by the Jewish looby) could not resist the temptation to create a de facto government that manipulated the ins and outs of power, resulting in the emergence of a new entity (the military-industrial complex, in Eisenhower's words), refractory to public opinion and to the control of the United States Congress and Senate). At present, the Company would have transmuted into the so-called Department of Homeland Security and Hydra-CIA, 17 new heads would have been born in the form of intelligence agencies that would integrate the US Intelligence Community (the Fourth Branch of the Government according to Tom Engelhardt), pathogenic agents of a totalitarian nature and become a parallel State, true power in the shadow phagocyted by the “Club of the Islands” of George Soros and that would have conjured against a Trump in favor of a Primus Inter Pares Geopolitics between USA and Russia (G2).

To avoid a Second Trump Mandate, the Democracy Alliance (DA), a mega-organization founded by George Soros in 2005, would have designed a strategy that would consist in a first phase of using the US mass media to inoculate the benefits of American civil society of the withdrawal of the forces that the US has spread throughout the world and allocate its cost to investments in Education, Health and vital Infrastructures. Thus, according to the Russian world portal quoting The Boston Globe, “the early appearance of the Quincy Institute is planned, think tank sponsored by billionaires George Soros and Charles Koch to end the endless US wars. . and change its foreign policy ”, which will result in a drastic reduction in defense budgets. Consequently, the second phase of the plot designed by George Soros Alliance Democracy (DA) would be to truncate Trump's political career through an impeachment by the Ukrainian plot and after the victory of the Democratic candidate in the Presidential elections of 2020, to achieve that EE .UU. resume the path of pseudo-democracies guarded by true Shadow Power (Fourth Branch of Government).

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