Don't You Have Love Or At Least You Feel That? Do This Exercise

February 1


Love is a state of consciousness where everything that happens to me is in harmony and balance. That means that when I love something, I give it a special interest, I focus on what I love because I take care of it, I protect it and I see that whenever it is correctly well. Do you feel you have no love?

But then when I am the person who has no love, what happens to me ?, many even say they have bad luck, or as the singer Juan Gabriel said "I was not born to love" … Nothing is further from reality .

If you do not have love, then it is time to review your beliefs, those stories that from children told us at home and that gradually became true for our subconscious.
Basically when I lack love it is a matter of believing that I do not feel safe or secure with the opposite sex, that it may come from a belief that "All men are taken advantage of" or "Take care of beautiful women who can betray you "… Among others, of course.


This lack of love is because as beings that we are composed of energy and matter, we are governed by universal laws such as the Law of Cause and effect, we live the result of what we have provoked, so if I have no love it is because I in I am vibrating inside that it is not safe to have it.

How to move from those beliefs? The most important thing is that you become aware that the destiny is that your day to day you are forging yourself therefore to understand that I only have to leave those beliefs and put on new ones such as: “I am so valuable, valuable, that all people who approach me love me, consider me and take care of me. ” First of all, it is taking care of the judgment I make about myself. When we talk about "I Am" this or that, I speak from my great spirit, therefore, that is what I am ordering to manifest. “I am loving, I am patient, I am valuable, I am well loved”…. All these new beliefs will be decreed aloud until you succeed in believing and integrating into your subconscious.

Another point to work to attract love, is as Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “The environment modifies the cell” that is, dress for love, get ready as if you already had that date, go out with the intention of being seen, smiling generate different approaches to you.

Remember when you release the need to get love, then you are in the vibration of the universe, because you are trusting in God the Father, from acceptance and his first cause that is perfection.

Exercise to forgive me for believing that I have no love

Imagine you're in a pink bubble with Archangel Chamuel
Inhale and exhale three times deeply,
Inhale and repeat aloud: I'm sorry
Exhale and repeat aloud: I'm sorry
Inhale and repeat aloud: Please forgive me
Exhale and repeat aloud: Please forgive me
Inhale out loud: Sorry, Thanks
Exhale and repeat aloud: Sorry, Thank you

When you feel you have no love, repeat this exercise.

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