Drunkenness And Room Damage: The Latest Indiscipline Scandals In The National Team

Drunkenness And Room Damage: The Latest Indiscipline Scandals In The National Team

The FESFUT Regularization Committee announced this Saturday, October 1, that it was aware of “possible acts of indiscipline” in the concentration that the El Salvador senior team had in Washington last week with the aim of playing the friendly match against Peru in which the Blue lost 4-1.

Therefore, “if this situation is confirmed”, the FESFUT will make “the corresponding decisions”.

In recent years there have been several cases similar to this. The last one occurred just in the last octagonal when before the last match of the qualifiers against Mexico in March 2022, Hugo Carrillo, former president of the Federation, declared months later that the squad of players had gotten drunk before the trip to the North American country .


“The players asked permission to go to El Tunco beach and returned at midnight, most of them well drunk,” Carrillo commented on Channel 4 last June.

Days after the former FESFUT president’s statements, player Nelson Bonilla jumped to his defense and declared the leader’s statements false.

“We went to the beach on a Monday before going to Mexico, but (Carrillo) did not go, only five stayed (at Fesfut) and he says that we arrived at midnight, but in reality we arrived earlier, we knew we had a flight to Mexico, the problem is to ensure that something was done when he was there,” said Nelson Bonilla on the El Salvador FC program.

“He does it in a way to make us look bad, when he doesn’t want something to happen, he likes to throw people over to put aside the problem, he likes to throw up smoke screens, but today people didn’t believe him. .. he was sure we hadn’t drunk. Talking after that is breaking codes,” said the now Alianza player.

After these statements, Hugo Carrillo did not mention anything on the subject again.


In November 2019, Hugo Carrillo himself confirmed that 12 selected had committed acts of indiscipline during their stay in Santa Lucía in October of that same year and sanctioned them with financial fines.

The federative detailed that seven selected caused damage to a room on the night of October 15, after the match that won 0-2 against Santa Lucía, after consuming intoxicating beverages. Those implicated were Denis Pineda, Juan Barahona, Raúl Renderos, Jorge Morán, Darwin Cerén, Rodolfo Zelaya and Roberto Domínguez.

They were fined on the spot, according to Carrillo, with $1,000 and it was agreed that neither party would reveal that they violated the FESFUT regulations regarding behavior in concentrations of selections (disciplinary regime) until after the meetings with Montserrat and Dominican Republic.

A higher fine of $2,000 fell on them, in addition to discounts on their payments for playing during the last FIFA date in November. Said sanction was imposed in the weeks after the incidents in which, under the influence of alcohol, they damaged the room for which the Santa Lucense hotel charged an additional $3,000 to the FESFUT.

Five more selected were sanctioned for having accompanied the seven already mentioned in a meeting in a hotel roundabout, where they consumed alcoholic beverages.

These were Narciso Orellana and Ibsen Castro, fined $800 because they drank with the other seven, and Óscar Cerén, David Díaz and Wilfredo Cienfuegos, fined $500 for being present, although they did not drink.

This meeting, according to Carrillo, was stopped by coach Carlos de los Cobos himself, who sent them to rest when he saw them drinking in the hotel gazebo.

Subsequently, incidents occurred in which seven players got together, drank and damaged the room where legionnaires Pineda and Barahona were located.



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