Dua Lipa Has Not Stopped Gaining ‘confidence’ In Herself

Throughout the almost three years that have passed since the release of his first self-titled album, the one that catapulted it directly to the top of the sales charts in his native United Kingdom, singer Dua Lipa has clearly demonstrated that he has not Any intention to move into the history of music as one of its many shooting stars, consolidating its position of dominance in the pop scene with singles as successful as ‘One Kiss’ or ‘Electricity’. And now that it is about to launch to the market her second album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, the artist has also made clear that all the experiences and triumphs accumulated in the second half of the last decade lead her to face the task with greater levels of self-confidence, in her talent and in the quality of his proposal. “I think at that time I was not even aware of how self-conscious I was. I was in a learning stage about the ins and outs of the profession and the industry and, ba only, I was developing my own confidence in what I was doing, “he confessed during an interview with MTV News, and then just congratulated himself on finally getting the” place “he deserved in the studio.” I got used to sitting down in a corner of a room full of men, to feel too vulnerable, with 18 or 19 years, when I talked about emotions and very personal experiences for me. Now I think I’m in the right place in the studio, I know exactly what I want and I just put it on paper, “she added proudly. The second job of the interpreter of Kosovar origin, which will go on sale on next April 3, it already has three presentation singles, ‘Don’t Start Now’, ‘Future Nostalgia’ and the newly released ‘Physical’, which are working especially well in the European continent but to those who, in any case , they still have a long way to go before they can issue a final verdict on their commercial performance. “I get very nervous every time I release a new song, especially now that the style of these songs is very different from the previous ones. You never know how people will react, uncertainty is always there, but I am increasingly used to feeling that way. Sometimes the wait itself can be more stressful than the result, “said the 24-year-old artist in the same conversation.