Dual Beneficiaries Of The Program Request Access To The Medicare Part D Subsidy

Washington – Puerto Rican congressman Darren Soto (Florida) and Washington-based commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez today spearheaded the presentation of a new bill that would extend to the low-income Puerto Rico residents the federal prescription drug subsidy of the Medicare program .

The legislation seeks to grant, as of 2021, Part D subsidies to the so-called “dual beneficiaries” of the Medicare program to residents of the territories, who are also under Medicare Advantage.

Commissioner Gonzalez said the legislation – co-sponsored by Democrats Donna Shalala (Florida) and Stephanie Murphy (Florida) – can go to a committee vote in the coming days.


"At a time when Puerto Rico and the territories of the United States still suffer the injustice of poverty, it is more imperative than ever to ensure that our communities receive the attention they deserve," said Soto.

Commissioner González, who already had a presentation to grant the benefit of the part of D to all those who are receiving the Medicare program in Puerto Rico, said that “this is a step forward for Puerto Rico and the rest of the territories of States United, who have undergone unequal treatment in several Medicare programs. "