Dumpty, The Poems With Which a Renowned Actor Ridicules Donald Trump

His Republican rivals, as reckless as heavy,

They succumbed in the end to their rank of demagogy.

Dumpty's wall had no earthly meaning,


A hoax built at a huge cost

But he promised, in despotic and strident speeches,

He would make sure that Mexico paid the bill

Trumpty Dumpty kept insisting

More and more citizens began to resist.

Unfortunately, there will not be an end to this story,

At least until reasonable people prevail. ”

The poem is part of "Dumpty", the book that renowned actor John Lithgow released a few weeks ago. On the cover you can see a drawing of Donald Trump under the legend "The age of Trump in verse" ("The era of Trump in verse"). It is a book of poems with which the artist travels the political life of the president of the United States in a satire key. A work that exposes, from humor, and with shrewd criticism, a series of measures by which, according to Lithgow, the hotel entrepreneur will fall by his own weight.


And, precisely, the choice of name is no accident. Humpty Dumpty is a popular character in a children's rhyme of British origin that Lewis Carroll himself reformulated for his book "Alice Through the Looking Glass". Something like the image of an immortal narcissist who ends up shot down but is always replaced.

Weeks ago, in an editorial that published in the New York Times, and that title “Trump is a bad president. He's an even worse artist, ”Lithgow says,“ I call Donald Trump an ‘animating president’, as he has proven to be a very inept public servant. ” And he theorizes: "Ronald Reagan, a presiding actor, took time to put the emphasis on a sentence as simple as" Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. " But Trump is something else. Reagan was the product of the strict quality control of the old Hollywood study system; Trump emerged from the cured chaos of reality shows. ”

In "Dumpty," Lithgow brings out his ability for humor, with a sharp wit that catches readers through great comedy steps. A trip to the public universe of a politician questioned by almost the entire artistic wing of the United States. In verse key, the artist appeals to characters from the world of Trump, such as Betsy DeVos, Anthony Scaramucci, Scott Pruitt, Paul Manafort and their doctors, to achieve a work that will conform both to poetry lovers and humor addicts .

Lithgow is remembered for starring, for six seasons, the series "3rd Rock from the sun", with which he won a Golden Globe as best serial actor in comedy / musical. The same award that he took twice as best supporting actor. 2010, for his interpretation of Arthur Mitchell in "Dexter"; and in 2017, for making Winston Churchill in the series The Crown.

Where he couldn't win it was at the Oscars. In two consecutive years, 1983-84, he was nominated as best supporting actor. The first time, for "The world according to Garp" (starring Robin Williams), he fell before Louis Gossett Jr., the sergeant who teaches Ricard Gere in "Challenge to Destiny." The following year he could not. Jack Nicholson, his cast partner in the movie "The Force of Destiny," left him wanting again.



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