Duque Invites America To Have a “uniform” Immigration Policy

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, called on the countries of the Americas to have a “more uniform” migration policy that seeks to address demographic flows by providing migrants with their fundamental rights.

During his first speech at the plenary session of the IX Summit of the Americas held these days in Los Angeles, Duque recalled that his country has welcomed more than 1.8 million Venezuelans, and has promoted a regularization plan that grants them ” all their rights except the political ones.

“I also want to talk to you about another value, brotherhood in the face of the migratory phenomenon. There are many citizens who, with cold bones, hopelessness and sadness, cross borders hoping for shelter,” said the president.


“We have shown that a solid fraternal and inclusive migration policy can be made, inclusive, without falling into those painful realities that other latitudes experience of xenophobia or indifference,” stressed the president, who concludes his Government on August 7.

Duque thanked the welcoming efforts of the Government of Guillermo Lasso, in Ecuador, and Luis Abinader, in the Dominican Republic.

“Today we want to invite the entire hemisphere to have this migration policy. Hopefully more and more uniform, but never stop denouncing the cause of these phenomena,” he said, referring to the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

Indeed, the most important compromise to come out of the hemispheric meeting is expected to be the “Los Angeles Declaration,” designed to realign efforts on legal immigration and mitigate illegal population flows.

“There is no planet B”

Duque also insisted on the “urgent need to face the climate crisis” and advance jointly in the protection of the planet.

“There is no planet B, but neither can we wait for the main causes of this crisis to respond with all their force. Although our nations are not the largest emitters, we have to lead by example, which is why the protection of the Amazon, from coral reefs, the protection of our paramos, is a moral duty in a country like Colombia that only represents 0.6% of greenhouse gas emissions, but is one of the countries most threatened by the effects of climate crisis,” he asserted.

The Colombian president outlined some of his climate efforts, such as the massive planting of trees or the expansion of protected territory reserves, but he called for a collective financial strategy, with the capitalization of the region’s multilateral banks.

“These tools cannot only be focused on loans, it is necessary that we free up fiscal space through debt swaps for Climate Action, especially with the Caribbean countries, and that we can develop a long-term financing system at good rates. “, he pointed.

Duque raised “a necessary debate in the international community” linked to “the price of each ton of CO2.”

“Because it cannot be that with the effort in our countries, the price paid to us is diametrically opposed to what is paid in other latitudes that have contributed much more to this climate crisis in the past,” he said.

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