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Dustin Diamond’s Girlfriend Was With Him Until He Died

Tash Jules, Dustin Diamond’s girlfriend for a year, did not leave him alone and accompanied him in his last moments

Dustin Diamond , sitcom star Saved by the Bell He was accompanied by his girlfriend when he died, revealed the actor’s manager, Roger Paul.

Paul told the magazine People that Tash Jules, with whom Dustin had been dating for a year, was with him in his last moments.

Roger Paul also told the magazine that prior to being diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma, Dustin Diamond “felt bad and had a lump on his neck that he chose to ignore.”

According to the manager, the actor and comedian “feared the public’s attention if he entered the hospital. But finally, his girlfriend took him and the doctors confirmed it was cancer.”

After his diagnosis, and as soon as he started therapy, Dustin Diamond chose to always stay positive, even though he was scared, the manager said.

“Of course he was scared, but he tried to find humor in it. He did chemotherapy, he tried everything he could. But it didn’t work. Dustin tried to be as positive as he could in everything, that’s how he was, but he was scared. He didn’t want to die.” .

It’s been barely three weeks since Dustin Diamond started chemotherapy. But despite the actor’s hopes, it was too late because “at that time, (the cancer) managed to spread rapidly through his entire system; the only mercy that (the disease) exhibited was his sharp and swift execution. Dustin did not suffer. He didn’t have to be in pain. For that, we are grateful. “

This type of carcinoma generally appears in the lungs, although there are cases in which it has also manifested itself in the gastrointestinal tract or in the prostate.

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