Eagles And Steelers Modify Coronavirus Prospect Assessment Plans

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia Eagles will not send members of their coaching staff to college pro days, in part as a preventative measure related to the coronavirus, league sources told ESPN.

An email sent to team employees notified coaches of the decision, according to a source. At the moment, the Eagles will be sending scopes on pro days.

There is a combination of factors involved in the Eagles’ calculation of keeping their coaches out of travel, sources said, including that there are numerous additions to the group, and the organization believes it would be best to keep them in Philadelphia in preparation for the free agency period, draft, and the low season program. However, the coronavirus was a factor in the decision.


In a statement released last week, the NFL said, “We closely follow developments and have been in contact with the World Health Organization, the CDC, and medical experts from the NFL and NFLPA on the Program to Duke Infection Control Outreach Network (DICON) infection prevention. The league is not considering changes to the NFL draft scheduled for the end of April in Las Vegas. “

However, teams are having internal discussions about responsible practices regarding the virus. An AFC team is mulling reducing visits to free agency visits or limiting player access during the campaign break, according to a source.

Yahoo Sports reported the story in the first instance.

Meanwhile, across the state, the Pittsburgh Steelers are altering some of their pro-day trip plans for their coaches, management executives, and some viewers, because of the virus.

“We adjust our travel plans temporarily, for pro days,” Burt Lauten, director of communications for the Steelers, confirmed to ESPN.

The team will continue to be represented on pro-days across the country, but asks its employees to take precautionary measures, including limiting commercial flights, and following CDC directions on handwashing.

Information from Brooke Pryor was used in writing this note.



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