Ecuador Advances In The Decriminalization Of Abortion In Cases Of Rape

Ecuador advances in the decriminalization of abortion in cases of rape

The Justice Commission of the National Assembly of Ecuador established a maximum of 28 weeks of gestation so that women over 18 who are victims of rape can abort. In the case of minors and disabled women, they do not have this period.

The Commission began reviewing the draft of the Organic Law to Guarantee the Right to Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in the event of Rape presented by the Ombudsman, in compliance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court.


This Tuesday, dozens of women gathered in front of the National Assembly of Ecuador in a vigil to follow the debate on a project with green handkerchiefs and banners outside the Congress headquarters in Quito.

The objective of the protesters is to ensure that the debate in the Justice Commission guarantees access to a voluntary, safe and legal abortion process in cases of rape. They also want the victim’s request alone to be enough to access the health system in these cases.

At the end of April, a month before taking office as president, Guillermo Lasso had said that although he does not agree with the practice of abortion, he respects the decision. “I am a Catholic man. However, as president-elect I also maintain an unwavering respect for democratic and republican values. I especially believe in principles such as the secular state and the separation of powers,” the president said on that occasion.

In Ecuador, there is an average of eleven daily reports of rape and many of the victims become pregnant. The decision is an advance since until now abortion is only allowed if the life of the woman is in danger or if the pregnancy is the product of rape, but only in women with some type of mental disability.

The president of the Commission set a new call for the revision of the project for this Wednesday, January 12. What the parliamentarians conclude will be submitted to a second debate in the plenary session of the Assembly before January 25.



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