Ecuadorian Former President Defends The Need To Intervene In Venezuela

Miami, Oct. 29 (EFE) .- 'Latin America has to start discussing a military intervention in Venezuela' to remove Nicolás Maduro from power, Ecuadorian president Osvaldo Hurtado (1981-1984) said in Miami on Tuesday.

Hurtado, who participates in the IV Presidential Dialogue organized by IDEA (Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas) and the Mezerhane Chair of Miami Dade College (MDC), told Efe during an intermission that it is not even necessary to resort to the Inter-American Assistance Treaty Reciprocal (TIAR).

'This must be a regional decision. The TIAR is not necessary, it is a political decision. It is time for Latin America to discuss this, 'said the former president in reference to the recent activation of the treaty in the OAS with a view to sanctioning the Government of Venezuela.


It is about 'determining what is the most appropriate military intervention to throw Maduro and that mafia that governs and be tried before an international tribunal,' added Hurtado, one of the founders of the progressive Popular Democracy party.

The former president spoke of the lessons that, in his opinion, Latin America should have already learned.

One of them, he said, is that "democratic and international media, economic sanctions and electoral processes are of no use to remove democracies kidnapped by dictatorships in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador or Bolivia."

He also mentioned the fact that Venezuela, a country where people 'rights are run over daily,' has achieved one of the positions corresponding to Latin America in the UN Human Rights Council.

"What happened at the United Nations is further proof of how disconnected that organization is from the situation that is happening and the functions for which they were originally created, which was to preserve human rights," he said.

In his speech at the forum, Hurtado said that 'democracy is the only system that guarantees power control, transparency, vigilance, citizen participation.'

"The only way to reduce social inequality and make Latin America a middle-class continent is the market economy," he added.

However, these 'terrorist' groups, as he called those who have carried out violent protests in Ecuador and Chile, 'believe that it is possible to solve this problem through a socialist revolution, although Venezuela has shown that this is not the case. '. EFE