Edmundo Arrocet Enjoys Dinner With His Blonde Friend

The humorist Mustache Arrocet does not hide when he frequents the same mysterious woman whom the press has baptized as his friend ‘the blonde’. The couple of friends have gone to dinner and have finished the evening at Edmundo’s house. Since returning from his media retreat in London Edmundo Arrocet knows that the press is crowding at the doors of his single apartment in the Spanish capital. However, far from hiding or hiding their attitudes, Mustache walks happily before the photographers and very well accompanied. Without a doubt María Teresa Campos is the great defeat of this sentimental break and that is, while she screams on television that still she he loves and wants to return with him or, at least, he sends love songs… he has already turned the page. A few days ago, Edmundo was asked about Teresa Campos’ tears in the Deluxe and he, with a cold and distant mind, He said “eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel”, nor had he seen the interview because, he says, he did not have time. However, for the night social life it is seen that Edmundo takes time from anywhere and we have been able to see him in Madrid with her blonde friend who has been with her lately. Although they had already been seen together sharing Andalusian lunch in the capital, now they have gone for dinner. Big Rice appeared with a smile from ear to ear before the press that was at the door of his home. He returned to dinner with the blonde and they both ended the night entering the humorist’s house together and making jokes with the paparazzi. Obviously, after dinner and walk, they can go to his house for the last drink and nothing has to happen but Is it really necessary to offer that image on a tray to journalists? It seems that Edmundo does not think about the pain that it entails for Teresa to see him with another woman after six years of relationship. Of course, the couples end and each one has the right to rebuild their life but, in my opinion, the main thing is to know how to put an end to a relationship with the respect and dignity that your ex-partner deserves and that, Mustache, has not done it. Teresa Campos does not get to turn Edmundo’s page (Photo by Oscar Gonzalez / NurPhoto via Getty Images) More The worst thing is that I do not see that have any intention of looking at Maria Teresa Campos’s face and apologizing first for the ways, then for running away and leaving her at the feet of the horses before the press and finally for returning to Spain and not even deigning to contact her to pick up her things and get out of her life. Although Arrocet told the press a few days ago that he loved her very much and that in the future he would talk to her, he should do it now. I also tell you that, if he continues along this line, I hope that when he wants to talk Teresa tells him that they have nothing to say to him and that his things are packed and in a storage room, honestly. We don’t know yet if the blonde woman is his new Conquest, a romance or simply a friend but, whatever it is, Edmundo is doing things quite badly, although, of course, he knows very well that keeping the mystery raises his cache when giving an exclusive either in written press or on a set. More stories that may interest you Teresa Campos: “Edmundo blames me and says he didn’t want to break up” María Teresa Campos jokes with the death of Mustache ArrocetEdmundo Arrocet in Spain and without seeing Teresa Campos