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Eduardo Capetillo Reveals That He Was Told That Marrying Biby Gaytán Would Be a Mistake, Why?

Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán were not only the most tender youthful couple of the 90s, but to date they are an exemplary marriage. Both actors formed a beautiful family with their five children Eduardo , Ana Paula , Alejandra , Manuel and Daniel . However, the fate could have been different if 25 years ago the also singer had listened to his close ones instead of paying attention to his heart.

“More than 25 years ago, 99.99 percent of my loved ones, closest friends, told me: ‘Do not marry, you are making a mistake, you are very young, you are going to get divorced,'” Eduardo said in a video in which encourages his fans to follow his heart’s desires. “

“What did I end up doing? What my heart dictated to me. Was I wrong or not ?, I leave that answer to you “, he continued with a smile that reflects that he did not make a mistake when listening to his heart. That was how on June 25, 1994, at a televised wedding, Eduardo and Biby said “yes, I accept.”

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Biby and Eduardo have been married for 25 years and are one of the most exemplary marriages of entertainment

Of course, the politician also assured that his life as a couple has not always been rosy, as it usually happens in most families. “And not because I boast of a perfect marriage because we are very far from being one, but the simple fact of having collaborated with God and with the Universe so that today there are five human beings in this world full of life, joy, future and Good for me, they take me to look at the answer that for me is the correct one, ”he explained, referring to his children.

A happy family

Little by little the Capetillo – Gaytán family was opening the doors of their privacy thanks to social networks. With the photos and videos they share, their followers managed to get to know their children better.

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Each of Eduardo and Biby’s children have a very cute personality

The proud dads also share their children’s talents, such as art, photography, singing, dancing, and even acting. As if that were not enough, the boys are identical to their parents, a physical similarity with which the fans of the couple are singing, because it awakens in them the nostalgia of when Biby and Eduardo were still dating and the ideal couple of the small screen .


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