Eduardo Verástegui Shared a Photo With Donald Trump: What Did The Actor Do In The White House

Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui shared on his Instagram account a photograph with Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

A couple of days before the former soap opera gallant had talked about his visit to the White House. The reason: celebrate Hispanic heritage month.

In that message, Verástegui was seen posing in front of portraits of former US presidents such as Reagan and Kennedy and imitating the poses of the presidents in the paintings.


But the image that attracted the most attention was that of his most recent post, in which he posed nothing less than with the president of the United States and Mike Pence, the vice president of the nation.

According to the text he published to accompany the photo, Verástegui went to the White House to talk about the Dreamers and called on the United States Congress to protect the rights of those people.

“The Dreamers are in their hands. Treat them as you would like them to treat their children if they were in a similar situation, ”he wrote at the beginning of his message.

“I make a public call to the members of Congress of both parties to handle this case with special attention and ask that they not use the Dreamers as an object of negotiation to obtain economic interests,” he added in the publication.

The actor said that any life is important and must be protected. “Especially that of the most needy, that of the most vulnerable, the lives of unborn babies, street children, teenagers who suffer from addictions, people who have lost their jobs, women who face domestic violence.”

He also referred to people who are in prison, falsely accused and who do not have the resources to prove their innocence.

“Victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and organ trafficking, I repeat, we have to defend and protect everyone’s life. Let’s make a difference. “

The actor invited people from all political spheres to work together to strengthen human rights.

“The United States and Mexico must and can be united in the most important mission, the mission of protecting life from conception to natural death. Love and life go together and one cannot flourish without the other. Long live the Hispanic heritage! Live life! Long live the Family! Long live unity among our nations! God bless you! Official White House Photo. ”

For years, the actor has taken the pro-life flag and defended the fight against human trafficking. In 2015, he revealed that he had been in sexual abstinence for 13 years. “I am preparing to be a good husband and a good father, if that is my vocation. I don’t live thinking about the future, the future is uncertain, ”he said then.

“You can control with reason, we are not animals. It is not a physical necessity, such as breathing, because if you do not die, or eat, because if you do not feed you also die. But when have you heard that someone died from sexual abstinence? ”He said.

Last August Verástegui participated in Buenos Aires to commemorate the rejection by Congress of the legalization of abortion.

In an interview with Infobae, he said: “When life is successful in a country, it is an example for those who believe that it is impossible to give these battles.”



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